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Trace on Vybrid with DS-5

Question asked by a a on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by Timesys Support

I am now using TWR-VF65SG10 Tower Board , and I can boot from SD card, by the way I am on windows host


I'm trying to use DS-5 to trace on this board, and I follow the step as follow link…


here's one step


"Plug in an Ethernet and connect it to your local PC. The board is set to static IP of Set your PC to something similar like"


so I unplug my host ethernet cable, and use crossover cable to connect the target board and my host(windows)


but the ip address showed from the A5 is  so I changed the IP addr to it


"Adjust the host’s networking so that it can communicate with the target. TCP/IP (for example Ethernet) is used to communicate with the target when doing application level debug and Streamline profiling"


I change my host (win7) IP address to and default gateway to


but it didn't work


I was wondering where did it go wrong,