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Every time get back to boot loader mode after reset in TWR-K24F120M board

Question asked by Narendra Suthar on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by Fang Li


I am working on TWR-24F120M board.

But some how i don't know board get reset and OpenSDA runs in Bootloader mode. Green led blink at 500ms time interval.

I have copyed the OpenSDA application file k20dx128_k24f_if_mbed.bin in BOOTLODER drive.

On reset I get the MBED drive and can able to program taget controller but first it showing error like "Can not access the target" or some time getting "Kinetis device is locked! need mass errase!"

I have faced this type of behaviour from last one day after copying the new file of OpenSDA application. Board is working well before without any problem.

I have not done any change in my target controller firmware.

I am using Windows 10. Is there any USB driver problem?

How can I set the board back to its default state?