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Issues with 1588 on K60 at 10 Mbps

Question asked by Loic Hoarau on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by Loic Hoarau


I am running the 1588 Demo application coming with MQX_4_2 on a TWRK60F120m. It is working at 100 MBps, but not when I switch my ethernet baud rate to 10 Mbps. In that case, the program crashes after 5s of starting of running and sending PTP frames.


I get the error message attached in the serial console:

"DBG: Inst: 0 Unit MST - Error #1 - at PTP time 205247740.000000010"


I traced it to the error handler "void MQX1588_OnError" (Line 111 in mqx1588user.c) returning the code e_SEVC_NOTC (/* Notice: normal but significant condition */). After that, the target crashes.


This calls is originating from the ixxat compiled libraries. Anybody had the same issues and knows a workaround? Or is there a patch to apply to the PTP libraries?


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