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MKW2xDxx with IMX6Q

Question asked by Atilla Mete Turedi on Apr 8, 2016
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For a custom hardware we are designing a board that integrates mkw24d512 along with imx6q for the zigbee solution. During the hardware design procedure, usb stick for mkw24d was used however on our custom application we wish to use the SPI port for the communication with the host processor, in this case IMX6Q. Below are few questions that I would be very happy if someone could answer in the same order.


1. SPI1 is, as far as I am concerned is reserved for the SiP to communicate between the internal MCU and modem, because of this we are planning to use PTC4/PTC5/PTC6 and PTC7 for the communication between IMX and MKW. Is this viable. IMX has no UART ports left available so this is why we had to pick SPI for the communication.


2. Given the fact that, unlike the USB stick, on our hardware MKW will be unprogrammed, obviously we need a way to program the device. What is the easiest way to program MKW24D512? Or is it only the EzPort that device can be programmed. And by programming I mean embedding the BeeStack into the device. (Can EzPort and JTAG


3. Is it possible that instead of embedding the stack to MKW, can stack reside on IMX? Is this what is called BlackBox? I personally do not prefer this method but if it is easier than the bullet above, we wish to consider this option.


4. Can you briefly describe the minimum connections (apart from the power connections and 32MHz clock and antenna connections) that can create a complete system involving MKW24D512 and IMX6Q given that the serial communication in between is conducted via SPI0?


5. What external hardware would I need to program the MKW24D512? If there is a designated programmer, what kind of header or connections should be made available on board for the connection?


Note1: USB conenction to the device is not an option.

Note2: Internal 3v3 regulator is not used. 3v3 power is supplied externally.


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