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Unable to wake up with LPTMR0

Question asked by Roger Pease on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by Mark Butcher

I am using an MKL24Z64VLH4 with KDS 3.1.0.


I have a simple routine which I am trying to debug:


1) Go to sleep.

2) Use LPTMR0 to wake me up.

while (1) {

  AS1_BlockSent = 0;
  LDD_TError sendError = AS1_SendBlock(AS1_DeviceData,"Sleeping\r\n",10);
  while (AS1_BlockSent == 0) {  }
  // Now go to sleep.


  // TU2 is programmed... so why don't I wake up?



I have TU2 programmed as LPTMR0 with the interrupt enabled.


And it's set to Auto-init. I also have the LLWU interrupt enabled in the CPU configuration






I've also tried ensuring I use the BLPI Clock (I have two clock configs- one is for low power mode, the other for normal operation).


I also considered the possibility that I was waking up but just not seeing my message because of the change in clock configurations messing with the baud rate, but if I remove the DOM_STOP instruction the Serial port is fine.


Thoughts on what I may be doing wrong? I can supply a sample project if necessary.