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CodeWarrior and FlexRay application

Question asked by Pierre Lebas on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2016 by Alice_Yang


I have tow FlexRay Evaluation Board from ON-semiconductors (NCV73810V2GEVB) which use the MC9S12XF512MLM microcontroller. I've planned to work with Code Warrior V.5.1. for programming it. I will work on FlexRay application. I don't have selected any Suite yet.

I was looking in the attached document which detail the differences between CW Suites and I wondered if the following restriction (or others that I did not see) could be anoying for FlexRay application :

  • C compiler and C source-level debugger–code and data size restricted to 32 KB (or 64KB for Basic suite),
  • C compiler and C source-level debugger for Freescale’s XGATE module (code and data size restricted to 512 KB).