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How to download my program to a MPC5554 without external SRAM?

Discussion created by Destroyer PGB Kan on Feb 25, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2008 by Dumitru Negrea
CW 2.2 for MPC55XX, MPC5554 without any external memory, P&E USB Multilink for MPC55XX
Hi, all!
In my application, I don't need to use any external memories. So I have no external memory on my PCB. After I failed to download my program to the MPC5554, I read the macro files and algorithm files in the CW directory and found that all the macros initialed the address 0x3000 0000 to the external SRAM. From the comments in the algorithm files, it seems the 0x3000 0000 was configed to be the cache memory for the algorithm.
If lacking the external memory is the reason why I fail to download my program to the device, what should I do except adding the external memory?