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Flex Your Mind with Kinetis FlexIO

Question asked by Oleg Lavrukhin on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by Iva Susnova

Hello, community!

I want to address my question to NXP employees.

I has participated in the competition "Flex Your Mind with Kinetis FlexIO"  - + NXP challenge.

I sent my project idea and received a message on March, 14, from Hackster employee Alessandra Nölting:

"Congratulations, the idea that you submitted for our Flex Your Mind challenge is a pre-contest winner! This means that you have won an NXP Freedom board (FRDM-K82F).

We decided to start shipping the boards ahead of the pre-contest closing date so that you can get started building your project!

Thank you for participating in the contest; we can't wait to see what you build!"

Inspired by this letter, I bought 8 digital microphones, and a few more details to build my project. Total is $45.

But 3 week is passed, and I don't get any information about shipping FRDM board to me.

At march, 29  I sent a e-mail to Hackster employee Alessandra Nölting with a request to report when I get a board and start work on the project. But she still did not answer!

On April, 4 I sent a e-mail to Hackster support center, but they are silent.


Project submission closed at May, 5.


I want to ask:

Are NXP's employees who are responsible for the conduct of this Contest monitor the work of employees?

How can I make a project for 3 week(include shematic, software, BOM and many, many other , which requred a contest rules) if I do not know  I still get the board or not?

Hope, I can get an explanation from the NXP's employees, because NXP has always cared about its customers

Regards, Oleg