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MPC5746C flash programming via JTAG

Question asked by Johannes Reif on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by Randy Dees

Hi, Where can I get more information about flash programming via JTAG for MPC5746C controller? Are there any examples? One of our customers want us to add flash support for this controller.


I have the Document "MPC5746C Reference Manual, Rev. 1". Although the JTAG Interface and many other debug modules seem to be described, I still do not understand how to program the flash via JTAG.

Can you give me a list of steps to do from for programming / erasing / verifying the flash?


Also I have the following questions:

  • Which Debug Modules must be used / enabled?
  • I have a working 3rd party programmer as a reference, which uses following sequence:
    • 10-Bit IR-Shift (0x011)
    • 6-Bit IR-Shift (0x2A)
    • 10-Bit IR-Shift (0x211)
      How comes that the JTAG-IR is 10 Bit and then 6 Bit wide? Also at other times I see 4-Bit IR-Shifts. Do different modules handle different wide IR-Shifts, or is it a chained scan path? Which modules are in the scan path then?
  • How are those Debug Modules related to each other (Nexus Crossbar Multi-Master Client, JTAG Controller, JTAG Data Communication, IEE 1149.7 Compact JTAG Test Access Port Controller, Nexus Port Controller)? Which Modules have to be activated / used (how?) and which can I ignore?
  • What registers do I have to use and how do I access them? (C55FMC)?
  • How to write data to addresses referred in ("Write the first address to be programmed with the program data")