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Using TagWriter and TagInfo

Question asked by Clinton Gallagher on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by Clinton Gallagher

TagWriter 3.5.47    2016-02-16
TagInfo   4.18.124 2016-03-21
Android 5.1


TagWriter: When I erase a Type 2 tag such as NTAG216 and attempt to use TagWriter to rewrite to the tag the TagWriter claims the tag type is not supported and will not rewrite.


TagInfo: please explain where a tag's unique serial number is reported.

I am developing a WWW SaaS and interested in discussion regarding how to identify a tag to the web server. I have considered generating a GUID and appending with Query String written to the tag but if each tag has a unique serial number can I capture that serial number using TagWriter with TagInfo? Capturing and reusing a tag's serial number is likely a more reliable way to ID the specific tag for storing ID in a database and using that ID as a permanent record for the tag.


Thank you for comments...