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SS signal becomes high state every byte on SPI_MasterTransferBlocking API

Question asked by shuichiy on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by shuichiy

I'm using KSDK2.0 with MDK ARM and MKL17Z256.

In the codes in below, SS signal becomes low at the beginning of transfer correctly, but it becomes high just after the 1st byte has transferred.

I want SS is continuously low state until all bytes has transferred but I cannot find the solution.


Do you have any suggestions ?


    SPI_MasterInit(EXAMPLE_SPI_MASTER, &masterConfig, sourceClock);


   srcBuff[0] = 0x05;          // Instruction
   srcBuff[1] = 0xFF;         // dummy
   xfer.txData = srcBuff;
   xfer.rxData = destBuff;
   xfer.dataSize = 2;
   SPI_MasterTransferBlocking(EXAMPLE_SPI_MASTER, &xfer);