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M52233DEMO - Communication error

Discussion created by lvaro Serdotte on Feb 25, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2008 by Richard Nardone
Hi all,

I'm new to freescale coldfire MCF5223x family. I buy an used M52233DEMO board and I cannot connect with this board.
I have the codewarrior 7.0 for CF, and in new project wizard, ColdFire evaluation boards->M52233DEMO->P&E USB Multilink --> with Processor Expert--> Full optimizations.
The chip in the board is a PCF52235LCAF60. I didn´t find this chip int the Processor expert CPU beans, only the 52233CAF60.
.... I build the project, and when i click in the run, the program display (memory write failure  expected value0x20007ffxc, actual value0x00) using INTERNAL_RAM configuration
....and with the INTERNAL_ROM the program display (could not set PC to entry point)
How could I connect to this board? With other programs , or other settings.

Thanks for the help