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Processor Expert for Vybrid: General Questions

Question asked by Mark Middleton Employee on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by Lydia

We had a meeting with a customer today. While we were able to answer technical questions about Vybrid and what the calibration tests are doing and what they mean, there were a number of questions about the Processor
Expert software that we need help with:

1) On the summary page, there are basic selection boxes for memory type, Speed Rating, etc. There is a box for Bus Mode which should be set to 16-bit when all 16 data bits of Vybrid are being used. What is the purpose of the box
for "Number of Data Bits"? Does this refer to the data width of the attached DDR device? What effect does this box have on the Register Settings?

2) In conjunctions with #1, when the "Number of Data Bits" box is changed from x8 to x16, Processor Expert shows more register errors (boxes change to red with a note that values do not meet JEDEC requirements). This also happens when the value of the “Speed Rating” box is changed. Do you know why all these error messages are popping up? When the JEDEC standards are consulted, the values seem to be correct. Is there a file that holds these error equations, or are they compiled in the Processor Expert code?

3) Is there an easy way to export the MMDC (CR/PHY) values to a file that can be used to create the u-boot file for the MMDC? Or do these values need to be copied by hand?

Thank you very much for your assistance,