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How to access symbols in Component Development Environment driver code

Question asked by Jerry Girard on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by Jerry Girard

When floating the cursor over the Component Inspector properties, I can see the symbol names to access.  However, some properties have more symbols listed.  See attached picture.


I want to get access to some Processor Expert symbols within the component driver code I am inheriting from FreescaleCAN component.  The symbols are specific settings on the Component Inspector view.  I know how to get access to the primary symbols for an actual property.  I use: @FreescaleCAN@Rate to get the bit rate for the CAN driver.  It returns "500 kbit/s".


I want to know how I can access the symbols highlighted in the attachment?


My objective is to find the bus block rate before the CAN bit timing prescaler, so I can do some calculations to set the baud rate during runtime.


If there is an easier way to get the S08 CANCLK frequency (maybe from CPU component) then please let me know.  Thank you.