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serdes PLL  timeout  at  P1020 POR configuration

Question asked by hyoung kim on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by hyoung kim

hello  experts

i  am desiging a board  with P1020

i have a question

in P2020  Design Checklist  ( AN4261, Page 9)

TRIG_OUT is used to configure  SerDes PLL clock timeout  to prevent boot-up hang-out

but P1020 Design Checklist  , there is no commnet about SerDes PLL clock timeout


in P1020   if SerDes clock isn't used   SerDes PLL clock timeout  happen  so there is no boot-up hang-out

or do i have to set POR-configruation pin 

i can't find  any infomation   if i miss some thing  please advice me

thank you