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MfgTool QSPI config file for N25Q128 ; SoloX

Question asked by Bruce Parker on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by Wigros Sun

Trying to program the QSPI1A (single device) on our custom board using the MfgTool. We are able to run thru the MfgTool scripts and program the device but it does not boot from the QSPI chip; using Micron N25Q128 chip.
I am guessing the header information is wrong (LUT table?), as the only example I have is for the SabreSD eval board which uses N25Q256 devices, and uses two of them on QSPI2 ports. I have tried various changes to the configuration file with no success. Using qsip-nor-micron-n25q256a-config as the baseline file and making changes to it. I have tried the settings from this post but this also does not appear to work for us.


Does anyone have a QSPI config file for a single N25Q128 device they have used to successfully program the QSPI header (and uboot) on a custom board?