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TDA8029 ESM MODE and CARD EVENTS do not come through

Question asked by roland van straten on Apr 4, 2016



For Contact SmartCard reading I use a TDA8029HL. The ESMMODE is active and therefore you start communicating with the TDA8029 starting with an 0xAA as command.

After the response you can sent a normal command (ALPAR formatted). However a fraction after sending the command, the power saving kicks in and a 0xAA command is needed to get the reader going again.


Q1: is it possible to change the timeout for the ESM functionality?

Q2: with ESM active, is it then - more or less - mandatory to send the 0xAA commands before any other command?


For sending this works ok, but I have a problem when the TDA8029 sends a command back due to a card insertion (as an event). The data that will be sent is the same as returned from the 0xAA command.


What is the best way to do this?