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KW40 Heart rate sensor

Question asked by syed idris on Apr 3, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by isaacavila


We debugged the "heart rate sensor" example code in USB-KW40 using IAR and able to see the data on "Kinetis BLE toolbox" application,

it is giving the data in between 40 to 50 bpm. But in the code it is written as


#define mHeartRateLowerLimit_c          (40) /* Heart beat lower limit, 8-bit value */

#define mHeartRateUpperLimit_c          (201) /* Heart beat upper limit, 8-bit value */


lower limit is 40 and upper limit is 201 so how it is giving 40 to 50 bpm ?

And it seems that sensor data is taken from ADC of KW40, isn't it ? from which ADC input channel the sensor data is expected? because when we open board.c file the function of initialization of adc it is empty.


void BOARD_InitAdc(void)




Can we define our own ADC channel in this fuction and how?