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FlexIO, various dumb questions (trigger polarity and timena)

Question asked by Catosh on Apr 4, 2016
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I got some very dumb questions about flexIo. Let's suppose I am using NXP's sdk, and let's talk about timers.

.trgpol is the polarity of the trigger. Let's suppose I set the polarity to kFlexioTimerTriggerPolarityActiveLow.
When I set .timena = kFlexioTimerEnableOnTriggerHigh, (or kFlexioTimerEnableOnTriggerRisingEdge)
does it mean that the Active Low condition on the trigger will cause a logic high condition?
Or kFlexioTimerTriggerPolarityActiveLow + kFlexioTimerEnableOnTriggerRisingEdge implies that I'll have a start condition for that timer only when its trigger will deactivate?

I'm asking because from the datasheet is not really clear.