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Question asked by Frank Roberts on Apr 3, 2016


  We have already used the Freescale Sensor Fusion library on a couple of projects.  We now have a need to be able to 'tare' our device after it has been positioned on a person, goggles.  When I say tare I mean re-arrange the axes so that they are at (0,0,0) after they have been placed on the subject or Zero Frame of Reference.  I have read about the 'frame of reference' capabilities in the V5.0 Fusion Library but I am not convinced these are what is needed.  Do you have any suggestions as to the easiest/best method for doing this...see more detailed explanation below...ignore the VN-100 aspect.  I would think this is a pretty common functionality that is needed...


Secondarily there are a couple of references Noted in Section 3.4 of the Fusion Library document that I am unable to access, it says I "don't have perrmission" ?