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How do you build projects with makefiles?

Question asked by dave408 on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by dave408

I'm embarrassed to admit that throughout my entire professional career, I have only used development tools that at least offer a concept of a "project" or "solution", like Visual Studio and Eclipse.  My experience with KDS has been no different.  I add projects to a workspace and build from there.


We are now in a situation where automated builds are getting to be more and more painful, because we cannot rely on a committed .metadata folder to open a workspace on different machines and build the projects.  I have now deleted the .metadata folder from SVN because it serves no useful purpose.


Erich Styger has recommended that I use makefiles.  I could not find the thread I had participated in where he suggested that, so I was forced to create a new question.  And my question is, "what should I do next"?


When I build my projects in KDS, a makefile is generated automatically.  I figured that I could just save this to SVN and use it to kick off my builds.  But first, I wanted to make the project in place.  I did this by opening a command prompt at that debug folder, and then invoking make.  However, when I do that, it tries to look for files in the KDS folder, rather than in the project folder I had invoked make from.


Are there any useful switches that I can use with make to get more info?  I tried using "make all", since "all" was the only label that I could see in the makefile.  It doesn't bother compiling anything, and instead starts at the linking step, which of course fails because it can't find the object files it needs.


Is there an easy way for noobs to create makefiles based on an existing KDS project?