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Interrupt Information- MC68HC908JK1CP

Question asked by Tiho Tian on Feb 24, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2008 by erooll
Hi everybody
I would like to ask you something.
I'm working with MC68HC908JK1CP. I'm writing in C language.
When I use an interrupt I would like to be shure that all other interrupts are
disabled. How I can do it?
I have the following vector table:
Lowest vector priority  IF15 ADC conversion complete vector (high/low);
                                    IF14 Keyboard vector (high/low);
                                    IF5 TIM overflow vector (high/low);
                                    IF4 TIM channel 1 vector (high/low);
                                    IF3 TIM channel 0 vector (high/low);
                                    IF1 IRQ vector (high/low);
                                    - SWI vector (high/low);
Highest vector priority - Reset vector (high/low);
I couldn't understand how to write an appropriate function that will
check every time the status of the other interrupt flags and to
hold them enabled.
Thank you in advance.
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