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M68K external flash

Discussion created by Sharath M on Mar 31, 2016
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I have been using M68332 for quite a long time. Currently i am facing issues with erasing and programming external NOR flash interfaced to the m68332 controller. Scenario is something like this,

1. The CSBOOT chip select is connected to external flash AM29F040B.

2. The flash contains a code(consider it as 'Code A')  that receives another code('Code B') and dumps it into an external SRAM.

3. The Code A  succesfully downloads Code B into RAM.

4. Code A then issues a JMP 0x300000(location where 'Code B' is mapped and downloaded).

5. Now the Code B then tries to erase the flash which doesn't happen.

6. The same Code B if ran using Vision Click(BDM tool) successfully erases the flash(this is when the card is not being powered off but directly connected through BDM tool after steps 2 and 3).


Can anyone please help me with this,


Thanks in advance.