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kenetis design studio 3.0 with Ksdk1.3 will not run debugger on K22F demo board

Question asked by Jeff Sylvester on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by Carlos_Mendoza

I just installed KDS3.0 and SDK1.3 with demo Freeedom K22F  I went trough and did quick start guide, installing Jlink 2.1 on to OpenSDK,  and sucessfully get terminal program.  so went to Frdm-K22f page, and imported prosample projects into KDS and compile successfully, then go to debug, and get error, "Launching (project name) debug cmsisdap has encountered problem. 


An internal error occurred during: "Launching i2c_comm_mstr_frdmk22f debug cmsisdap".



this is probably some kind of set up or configuration error in the tool?