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DMA with K20 and graphic LCD ?

Question asked by Miguel Angel on Apr 1, 2016
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I'm using Kinetis K20 100 MHz in a project that needs to drive COG LCD 240x128 display. Display runs OK, but the microcontroller needs to run very fast and when I need to paint a new LCD it spends a lot of time for do it. LCD uses a gpio for control and 8 gpio for data information. The idea is use DMA for translate info from microcontroller to the GPIOs automatically and liberate microcontroller. Current display data is stored in microcontroller RAM and, periodically must send to the 8 GPIOs with GPIO signal control. When a display need to be modificated the new data is stored in RAM for DMA access.


Is it possible to do? How can I translate 8 data bits to 8 GPIOs (parallel) and generate control signal using DMA?


Thanks for your help. Best regards,


Miguel Ángel.