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Camera standby mode issue

Question asked by veeranjaneyulu g on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2016 by veeranjaneyulu g

Hi Every one,


I'm using  linux kernel 3.14.28 version ,ov5640_mipi camera ,yocto setup 1.7 version ,imx6 platform.How can I put camera into stand by mode while streaming .If any body knows please guide me.Or I dont know specific software standby register .In ov5640 data sheet they clearly given only software reset and software power down(reg is 0x3008).


Need to add any support code in driver ? in ov5640_mipi.c file

ov5640_probe() function,ov5640_power on ,reset standby mode and all given .but i dont know when camera is power on and power off.what about mipi camera default state ? mipi camera gpio pin Number?.


Can you any explain me.


Thanks & Regards