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Cannot Build gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx

Question asked by Paul DeMetrotion on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2016 by frankba

Building a Yocto kernel version 3.14.28 for a custom device. I have tried to add the gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx recipe to my build by adding the following to my local.conf file:


IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx"


This particular recipe will not build due to the following errors. Anyone know how to fix this?


ERROR: Multiple .bb files are due to be built which each provide virtual/libg2d (/home/pauldemet/fsl-arm-yocto-bsp/sources/meta-fsl-arm/recipes-graphics/gpu-viv-g2d/ /home/pauldemet/fsl-arm-yocto-bsp/sources/meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-fsl-arm/recipes-graphics/imx-gpu-viv/

This usually means one provides something the other doesn't and should.


ERROR: The recipe gpu-viv-g2d is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist. Those files and their manifest location are:



Please verify which recipe should provide the above files.


ERROR: Function failed: sstate_task_postfunc


ERROR: Task 106 (/home/pauldemet/fsl-arm-yocto-bsp/sources/meta-fsl-arm/recipes-graphics/gpu-viv-g2d/, do_packagedata) failed with exit code '1'


ERROR: Task 102 (/home/pauldemet/fsl-arm-yocto-bsp/sources/meta-fsl-arm/recipes-graphics/gpu-viv-g2d/, do_populate_sysroot) failed with exit code '1'