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Discussion created by Luis Leal on Feb 24, 2008
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Hello to all !

I have problems when programming by BDM in board DEMOQE128, it does not produce error when flock I modulate, but when it begins to program and to verify directions it shows to an error... Error 45. This happens when I am programming the codigos: JM60 Bootloader Source Code, JM60-HID-Mouse, AN3564SW1 - Customize your USB application using the JM60_16.

But when I create a new project without I cosay, MCU JM60 without ningun is programmed problem.

My question is: single can be programmed the JM60 with DEMOJM bases board or I can program with my DEMOQE board these programs published by freescale???

if board can be programmed by DEMOQE, so that the MCU presents/displays east error.....en the image is seen the error when programming...

Thanks for your aid...
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