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How do I install Eclipse Marketplace Client into LPCXpresso IDE?

Question asked by LPCware Support on Mar 31, 2016

To install Marketplace Client (or any other standard plugin provided in the Eclipse Mars release), follow these instructions.

  1. Select the menu item Help->Install New Software
  2. From the 'Work with' dropdown, select the Eclipse update site ( ).
    • Note that there may now be a delay while the list of available software is downloaded from the Eclipse website.
  3. In the 'type filter text' box, enter marketplace (or the name of any other plugin you wish to install)
    • There may be a delay will the list is filtered for your selection
  4. In the list check the item(s) you wish to install and then press Next
    • LPCXpresso IDE will now check for any dependencies to ensure the plugin can be installed. If there are any problems, they will be displayed here. If there are no problems, press Next
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue installing the plugin(s). You will be required to accept the displayed license agreement(s)
  6. After installing the plugin, you will be prompted to restart LPCXpresso IDE. Once restarted, your new plugins will be available.