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Copying Projects

Question asked by LPCware Support on Mar 31, 2016

Rather than creating a new project from scratch it can sometimes be useful to useful to copy an existing project (for example one of the supplied example projects) and use that as the basis of your new project.


To copy a project in a workspace:


  1. Right click on the name of the project in the Project Explorer.
  2. Click on 'Copy'.
  3. Right click on the name of the project again.
  4. Click on 'Paste'.
  5. A dialog will pop up asking what you want to name the new project.


Note: You can only copy a project if it is 'Open'. To 'Open' a 'Closed' project, right click on the project name and click on 'Open Project' in the menu.


Once you have created your new copy of the project, it is advisable to then edit the new project as follows. This will prevent any confusion between this new project, and old project.


  • Delete any build sub-directories within the new project - typically Debug and Release. These will be recreated automatically when you carry out a new build, with the new build artifact name used for the files created in them.


  • Delete any launch configurations within the new project - LPCXpresso IDE allows you to do this by right clicking on the project in the Project Explorer view and selecting Launch Configurations -> Delete Launch Configurations. Again these will be automatically recreated using the new build artifact name the next time you launch a debug session.