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Trouble porting HCS08 project from Classic CodeWarrior to CodeWarrior for Microcontroller V10.6

Question asked by GREG LAPIN on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by GREG LAPIN

I ported a project using an MC9S08GT60A processor from CodeWarrior V6.3 to CodeWarrior V10.6

I followed the guidance in AN4727 and my new project compiled with the same 3 warnings and 2 infos as the old.

The converted project mostly runs the same as the one built with the classic tools, with one major difference:

I am trying to allocate 49 bytes of space in the RAM during runtime.  The malloc() call in the new project returns a pointer to address 0x6374, in the flash memory space (in the old project it worked perfectly well). 

The memory maps from both projects are relatively similar, with the .bss, .common, HEAP_SEGMENT, and .stack in similar locations, all in the RAM space (0x100 to 0x1069).

Is there a setting that I missed in the new project that tells malloc() where to allocate space?