James Murray

XGATE support in gcc/binutils (e.g. 9S12XEP100)

Discussion created by James Murray on Feb 23, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2008 by James Murray
As I couldn't find any existing code, I have been working on adding
support for XGATE assembly to GNU binutils. This post is an early
notification that I'm working on it. If someone has already
started/completed the task then I can abandon my efforts or join forces.

This my first attempt at coding on binutils and it has taken time to
understand it.

However, I have got most of the XGATE assembly supported and most of
the relocations are done. The code creates one combined .elf and .s19
although objdump gets confused on disassembly and tries to disassemble
the XGATE code as if it were HCS12 code. (The opcodes look right though.)
I have not yet tried the resultant code on the chip though.

Last year I extended the HCS12 serial monitor to support the S12X
family global addressing and a colleague extended a DOS based
downloader to take an s19 and send it to the chip via serial.