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J-link not detected IMX6UL-EVK board

Question asked by Sirraj Rai on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by Dhvanil Patel


I am using freescale IMX6UL-EVK board before few weeks.I have some new task to do with jtag now but unable to proceed due to jtag connection failure.


I have made  proper connection of JTAG with my board but  j-link is not detected my board.I downloaded windows jtag driver software from SEGGER - The Embedded Experts - Download  link but whenever i run JLinkGDBServer.exe in the installed driver folder it was unable to connect my board.I attached u the screen shot of this.


my question is

I am using SEGGER j-link EDU is it correct version of JTAG. suggest if any other is supporting.

if jtag version is proper than what is jumper setting i have to do.