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What versions of what tools do I need to develop for the K65 using MQX?

Question asked by Richard Rapier on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2016 by Kenny Koller

So I have been searching around downloading various versions of Kinetis tools.  As I understand it, in order to use MQX, I need to use Kinetis SDK 1.3, and that seems to be fine.  However in order to use processor expert for the K65, it seems I need to use Kinetis SDK 2.x?  I am getting completely confused by all the different versions of different development tools that are now available for the Kinetis.  To add to the difficulties, I am using IAR workbench as my IDE.  I downloaded the latest KDS, version 3.2, because somewhere it said that in order to use processor expert for K65, I need that as opposed to just Processor Expert 10.4.  We are migrating from using K60 processors to K65/K66 processors.  The K60 was well supported by the older tools, and honestly I was quite happy with them, and the 3.x MQX that had everything built into it.  Now you seem to be pushing us hard to move away from using MQX with the newer processors.  Someone please help me with what exactly I need in order to develop for the K65 and K66 processors using MQX and the IAR Workbench IDE.