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I have a T4240RDB board, and I'd like to configure it to read in RCW settings from the SD card in the slot on the front panel.

Question asked by nick caruso on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by nick caruso

Reading the documentation, it appears that I can set the SW2 switch to cause this to happen.

The documentation also seems to say that SW3 has a switch setting that does this but they seem redundant.

It looks like an error in a recent documentation update.


Anyway, I tried changing the SW2 settings with an SD card inserted, on to which I had copied the PBL.bin file I got from the QorIQ PBL configuration tool bundled with the 1.9 SDK.


This didn't seem to work.  Do I need to do something like write the bin file directly onto the sd card with dd?  Is there documentation explaining this?


thanks for your attention to this matter, and best regards!