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Where can I get more space to describe the problem I am having?

Question asked by STEPHEN WIENER on Mar 31, 2016

Hi Freescale Support,


I am using the Freescale Embedded GUI Converter Utility 3.0
to generate

a *.c and *.h file for a Courier New Regular 12-point font.


All characters in the *.c file are the same height and width
except for the

character 0x7f.


Instead of being 10 pixels wide as all other characters are,
this character is

4 pixels wide. This is noted in the C-style comment line
that precedes the

string data, but this difference is reflected nowhere else.


My understanding is that monospace fonts, of which the
Courier New font

is classified, have all characters the same height and


I got around this anomaly by manually editing the string
data for the 0x7f character.


Could you please clarify this apparent inconsistency?




Stephen J. Wiener

Senior Software Engineer


Smiths Detection Inc.