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How are LPCOpen releases named?

Question asked by LPCware Support on Mar 30, 2016

LPCOpen releases are named from the release version, supported platform(s) in the release, and supported toolchain(s) in the release.

  • Version of release
    • Example: 2_01 indicates release v2.01
    • Example:2_03a indicates release v2.03a
  • Support toolchain(s) for the release
    • 'lpcxpresso' indicates the LPCXpresso toolchain
    • 'keil' indicates the Keil Uvision (MDK) toolchain
    • 'iar' indicates the IAR Embedded Workbench toolchain
  • Board or platforms for the release
    • Example: lpcxpresso_812 indicates the LPCXpresso LPC812 board
    • Example: hitex_eva_4350 indicates the Hitex LPC4350 evaluzation board

The LPCOpen release file name always startyed with 'lpcopen' and concatenates the version, supported toolchain(s), and supported platform(s) into the name in that order.

The full name is indicated like this:



Example for a v2.01 release reelased for both Keil and IAR toolchains for the LPCXPresso LPC812 board.

It is common for the Keil and IAR toolchains to be released in a single package.

Example for a v2.10a release reelased for the LPCXpresso toolchain for the LPCXPresso LPC11U37 board.