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SoloX; How does MfgTool configure DDR3 interface for download?

Question asked by Bruce Parker on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by igorpadykov

We have some custom hardware that is loosely based on the Sabre SD eval board and we are trying to use the MfgTool2 to program our Flash. Unfortunately the MfgTool2 is unable to boot any bootstrap images I've tried. The board is detected as a HID device and the MfgTool starts normally loading the various images but I am getting no indication the loaded u-boot image is booting on the hardware. There is no serial output and I have placed a GPIO toggle routine in the board_early_init section of u-boot and nothing is happening.

One difference between our hardware and the Sabre board is we use fly-by routing on the DDR3 interface, while it appears the Sabre uses point-point routing. I am guessing this may be causing the MfgTool to be unable to properly write into our DDR3 memories.

My understanding is the MfgTool loads images into the DDR memories and then boots from there. Is there some method to tell the MfgTool how to setup the DDR3 interface?

Any other reason one might guess on why the MfgTool fails to boot with the bootstrap images?