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TRK-MPC5606B Debugger Tutorials?

Question asked by Akshay Daga on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by Akshay Daga

I have purchased TRK-MPC5606B Development Board, Along with that I got a Sample code named "Training_LED_Example" and some documents giving directions for programming, Hardware layout, connections, etc.


I got a pdf "FSK_TRK_MPC5606B_Training" along with the development board, in which they have explained connections and basics about the "Training_LED_Example" program.


But I couldn't find any document, PPT, Video or tutorial in which I can get to know about How to debug the program and check the register values/status etc?


Please help me to understand how to debug the code on TRK-MPC5606B Board (using JTAG or by some other mean please)


Thanks in advance.

-Akshay P Daga