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MISRA C 2004 rule 1.1

Question asked by Revathy Arumugam on Mar 30, 2016

I am working in IAR complier and using  MK24FN1M0VLQ12 processor for my project. I want to eliminate the Misra errors generated by processor oriented .h and .c files. Currently I am using #pragma to suppress the MISRA errors. Resolved errors in .h, but I am getting below error for all .c files for same #pragma. Kindly help me to resolve this error. Error[Pm001]: compiler is not configured to compile C89/C95 code - all code shall conform to ISO 9899 standard C (MISRA C 2004 rule 1.1) Error[Pm002]: compiler is configured to allow extensions - all code shall conform to ISO 9899 standard C, with no extensions permitted (MISRA C 2004 rule 1.1) Error while running C/C++ Compiler