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Sluggish Performance on imx6S with Android 5.1.1

Question asked by mark_m on Mar 29, 2016



We have a custom board with imx6 solo and are experiencing sluggish general performance (android GUI lags etc).  A simple test is to plug in a USB mouse and move it around on the android home desktop and it'll cap the CPU neat 100% usage without doing anything else.


For reference:

- This custom board runs Android 4.4.3 without issue.

- The new Android 5.1.1 runs on the sabre sd board (with quad core) without issue

- Disabling 3xcores on the sabre sd board, and limiting the single core to 396MHz significantly outperforms our Solo board @ 800MHz.


We've done some benchmarking using the 'antutu' benchmark.  It looks like it's the 'runtime' benchmark component that is the culprit.  RAM/GPU/IO speeds are comparable between the boards.  We've also run some other benchmarks where simple tests such as zip/unzip/AES etc are orders of magnitude worse.


I suspect we've missed something obvious (or something has changed between the 4.4.3 builds and 5.1.1).  The device tree has been rebuilt, and uboot is the same on the 4.4.3 and 5.1.1 build tests.  Any ideas on how we can narrow down this down or any further tests that can be performed?  Platform is stable otherwise.