Josep Gorgues

[MPC5645S] Display 16bpp image using external flash memory

Discussion created by Josep Gorgues on Mar 30, 2016



I'm Working with MPC5645S and code warrior IDE 5.9.

Following the document "AN4865". I have the DCU3 configured and running with a TFT of 800x480 using a Nominal clock of 32MHz.

We display correctly small images (size: 16x6 pixels) from the External memory.

Unfortunately when we use a image that have for example 300x300 pixels, this image was not read correctly.

To read these images I use the "AHB address" to set the beginning address of layer data. (DCU.LAYER[6].CTRLDESCL3.R = 0x70000000)


Please, could somebody help me with this problem?



Josep Gorgues