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Problems with SDK 2.0 Project Wizard and MKL17Z

Question asked by geoff_s on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by Marek Trmac

I've been running Kinetis Design Studio 3.2 with SDK 2.0 since it was released.  I've successfully built and debugged some programs using the FRDM-KL27Z development board, and am now trying to get a program running on a custom board with a MKL17Z256 processor on it.


To start with, I've been trying to get a dummy program running based on just the Project Wizard, by using the File... New... SDK 2.0 Project Wizard.  I assign the project a name and select the MKL17Z256xxx4 from the list of availble SDK folders.  If I then select the "All drivers" option, the resulting empty program will not build - it reports a bunch of errors relating to an undefined type "LCD_type":

In file included from ../drivers/fsl_slcd.c:31:0:

../drivers/fsl_slcd.h:332:16: error: unknown type name 'LCD_Type'


If I select "Minimal set" under the Select Drivers step in the Project Wizard, the resulting empty program will build without error.


Has anyone else come across this ?  Other than not using the "All drivers" option, are there any workaround ?