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MPC5748G flashing fail

Question asked by Kfir Ben Shimon on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by Colin O'Flynn



I'm having problem flashing my code to MPC5748G (BGA 256).

When I try that with Lauterbach I get the following error in the AREA window:

file C:\projects\ips-wrappers\freescale_mpc5748g\mpc574xg.cmm saved.

debug port fail


system.up error: received invalid OSR (0x000)

                 - does the target assert JCOMP while RESET is asserted?

                 - is the device censored?


I also tried slow reset, and "Halt core on power-on reset", both give the same result:

debug port fail


target processor in reset


It seems that the cpu is stuck in reset


Any idea on how to free the cpu from reset?