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VPU/glTexDirectVIVMap YUV display issue

Question asked by Damien Dejean on Mar 29, 2016
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We're facing an issue on Android with the VPU and glTexDirectVIVMap. Using GStreamer 1.0 (1.4.5) and gstreamer-imx plugin suite, we are receiveing a RTP stream, we're decoding it with imxvpudec plugin and we're displaying it with imxeglvivsink to the surface of an Android application.


Everything works fine, except when the received stream as a "weird" resolution (for instance 1264x711). In this case, the display looks like :


We also tested a patched version of glimasink (from GStreamer plugin bad) that uses the same glTexDirectVIVMap to avoid copies and we're facing the same issues. When the zero-copy patch is removed, everything works fine.


We tried to reproduce this on a Yocto linux platform, and we failed.


It seems there's an issue with the YUV picture emitted from the VPU or the way the gl stack reads it, is that a known issue ? Do you know how to fix this ?


Configuration tried:

  • Hardware: Wandboard i.MX6 Quad
  • BSP: Android KK4.4.2 (kernel 3.0.35) and Android LLP 5.0 (kernel 3.10)
  • GStreamer 1.4.5 and 1.6.3
  • Gstreamer-imx imxeglvivsink plugin and glimagesink modified plugin