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How do I generate a license file for USB dongle?

Question asked by Douglas Triman on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by Fiona Kuang

On the Generate Licenses page, there are only two choices: Disk Serial Number and Ethernet Address.  Nothing for USB dongle.


I have been using CodeWarrior in all of its forms for several years now, have a perpetual license.  I see that none of my licenses appear -- all the information from older website is lost.  Only the product purchase of CodeWarrior Pro Perpetual appears.  The versions that I have downloaded/installed appear, but Download Log does not show that any of the products have been downloaded (but they appear as Current!!).


None of the existing licenses tied to the USB dongle appear, the page says they are available, implying that I need to generate them.  But this was already done years ago for some of these versions.  Has all of that information been lost?


I don't care so much about the lost info, as long as I can find out how to tie my dongle to a new license for the products to which I am entitled.  Am trying to generate a license for CW10.6.