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How to change data direction in run time in K22 KSDK 1.3 USB-CDC

Question asked by Marco Aurelio P. Coelho on Mar 28, 2016
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My customer is developing a project, in which a K22 will receive 10 strings of 12 characters every 1 second, which will be sent to a PC and printed out on a Terminal via USB-CDC.


In a much lower frequency, K22 may receive a message from the same sensor requesting human interference on the sensor like manual adjustment or replacement, or even data and waits for data, or a confirming message entered by the user on the Terminal and sent back to it.


We have tried to take the KSDK 1.3 Virtual COM Bare Metal example for FRDM-K22F and modify it to do what we need, but we were not totally successful. We don't exactly know how to switch from data sending to data receiving and vice-versa.


Anybody can give us an idea of how can we better do it?



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