MPXV7002 warm-up drift

Discussion created by r3user on Mar 28, 2016
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We are using pressure sensor MPXV7002 in our application where it needs to sample at 100Hz (also averaging multiple samples to reduce the noise). The device needs to start sampling as soon as it is turned on (few hundred ms is OK). We are observing a noticeable zero pressure DC shift after power on. It lasts for about 8-10 seconds before settling down. The change is not significant but significant enough to hurt the tiny range where our device operates. The effect is very similar to what this article describes. https://www.allsensors.com/engineering-resources/white-papers/warm-up-drift 


Has anyone seen something similar? If this is normal, what are the best compensation techniques? Should we do what the article describes (power modulation needing hardware change)? If the dynamics of the shifting remains constant of over time, then it should be possible to fix it in software. Any suggestions?


This is an unrelated question but will this sensor be supported/manufactured by NXP in coming years? We hope it is not going obsolete soon.