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usb_cdc k20

Question asked by Koorosh Hajiani on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by STEVE LEWIS


I have 2 boards, the targets are k64 and k20(MK20DN64XXX5) repectively.

Requirements calls for boards to communicate over USB , Just simple Data back and forth, This link would replace the UART link on the newer design. While I am not an expert in USB communication, I decided to use CDC class for this, I HOPE THIS IS THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!!.

To that end ,I was able to use one of the demos in KDS to build code for the K64  target board as a  USB CDS host, I have added Freertos to that and seems to be running  OK, however to be able to test the USB I need to have the k20 target running as USB CDC device but I can't find any support for this in KDS or in DSK demos and examples.

I tried to use processor expert in KDS for the K20 target but when I looked at the component list I don't see any FSL_USB for the CDC class.


Am I missing something here?

Is USB CDC class the right choice for simple request and response over usb link?

Where would I find support for the USB CDC for k20 target.


Please I need help.



Koorosh Hajiani