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KDS 3.2 Touch program for FRDM-KL25Z

Question asked by Alejandro Martinez on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by Alejandro Martinez

I\m new at this. I have a problem with trying to do a touch demo on my KL25 board. I have tried the demo video on the page that uses codewarrior but when I debug it said it got debuged, So I hit play and it doesn't run. So I decided to do the same configuration on KDS 3.2 that I downloaded because on the get started page said that was the way to go. So I created the processor expert proyect and it was kinda of different but when I wanted to get to the TSS component it said I could't so I found the TSI component and I tried to configure it but I think that is something else. So then I figured out I had to download the library TF 1.1V, so I did. But at the moment of installment it said I needed to have KDS 1.2 but I have a folder that said KDS 1.3. I tried to install it anyway but it didn't let me. So the questions are. In order to use or do anything like I see on blogs or on tutorials I need to download  the previous codewarrior and the previous KDS or is there a way to do everything on the new KDS? And if there is, is it too much hassle that I'm better of with the older versions of the software? What do you recommend? I see that people like KDS better because it's easier but at this point I really don't know anymore. Help please. Thanks.